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Neisha Weston


Originally from the Midwest, she was surrounded by her loving parents and grandparents who believed in being prepared for every occasion. They were very particular about presentation and speaking skills which brought to her a keen interest in image and etiquette, which is the reason she began Neisha’s Skin Care. She is originally from Chicago, IL with a BS in Business, MA in Psychology and started her Ph. D studies.

Neisha worked in marketing for Fortune 500 companies and the insurance industry for several years. She learned about consumer trends and customer service. She also has a Bachelors in Business, MA in Psychology and started her Ph.D. studies in Business. After being handpicked to work as a Human Resources manager and later a Human Resources Director, she knew her purpose was to be in business for herself helping others achieve beautiful skin.

One important and basic way is to have that first glass of water at the beginning of the day. Her special niche is to bring the spa to your home or location by providing custom facials, and skin treatments that include microdermabrasion or chemical peels as well as waxing services for the brow, face, brazilian or full body.

Her business motto is "Taking skin from beautiful to awesome”. You make find her online at